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We believe in DECENTRALIZATION. We encourage everyone to be part of this new mindset. Being decentralized doesn’t mean we are not responsible of our duty as a nation’s citizen, but more towards our responsibility to go to the next level of freedom. Freedom to manage our own financial without any intermediaries choking us with hefty fees and additional unnecessary services.

Blockchain technology will continue to bring more goodness to society. Let us together make a contribution by being actively involved in this Decentralized Community by educating our families and friends about this technology. We are tired of being manipulated by the conservative system which clearly benefited the higher ranks of the pyramid hierarchy.

We want to be decentralized deep within us. We are at the brink of a new economy. We believe in global unity. We want total justice! We want total change! We are the Liberated Governance!


In the world of cryptocurrencies, LEVELG has truly come a long way in establishing itself as the token of choice. The brand is to come out with a comprehensive platform of exchange that has peer-to-peer trading and a decentralized exchange and it is named GWALLET. This hybrid wallet is going to make use of the LEVELG token as the source and will influence the rate of organic growth and supply.

LEVELG growth will be enhanced by its real use cases in the blockchain ecosystem. We have started our journey by having GWallet as the main platform accepting LEVELG as a utility token. LEVELG is the ‘battery’ of GWallet P2P module and it is always beyond day trading grounds.

The future is with us, empowering your dream to be in the decentralized management of digital assets.

Let’s promote USER SUCCESS!